WoW: Dragonflight Season 4’s Best Endgame Items Will Be Determined By Community Vote
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WoW: Dragonflight Season 4’s Best Endgame Items Will Be Determined By Community Vote

For the first time ever, Blizzard is letting the World of Warcraft community vote not only on what its powerful endgame class tier sets will look like, but what kind of build-changing set bonuses the sets will offer.

WoW’s current expansion, Dragonflight, will receive one final season this spring ahead of the MMO’s next expansion, The War Within, later this year. Dragonflight Season 4 will be a “remix” of sorts, featuring retooled raids from earlier in the expansion with upgraded loot to boot. That loot will include upgraded class tier sets, which made a big comeback in Dragonflight after being absent for WoW’s previous two expansions.

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However, the tier sets on offer for Season 4 won’t be entirely new. Instead, they will be voted on by the game’s community, with players of each class and specialization having the option to mix and match tier set appearances and set bonuses from Dragonflight Seasons 1-3.

For example, the Death Knight community may collectively really enjoy the look of the class’ Dragonflight Season 1 tier set, but Frost Death Knights might prefer the powerful set bonuses granted by their Dragonflight Season 3 tier set. Via polls for each class and specialization on the game’s official forums, players can have the best of both worlds, voting for the appearance of one set and the bonuses of another. Wowhead has assembled all of the Dragonflight tier set appearances and bonuses in one place for those looking for a reminder before casting their vote.

Blizzard says in a forum post that the poll’s “winners will determine what we build into the endgame for Season 4,” and that players should keep in mind that the power of each set bonus on offer will be scaled up to match the increased power from new gear in Season 4.

It’s a cool experiment and just another example of Blizzard being more open and collaborative with the WoW community over the course of Dragonflight than in previous expansions. Despite a new expansion coming later this year, Dragonflight is still set to receive four more updates ahead of The War Within’s pre-patch, including January 16’s Seeds of Renewal update, which will introduce the ability to dragonride in all of Azeroth and do dungeons with NPC followers.

The War Within is slated to launch later this summer according to Blizzard’s 2024 WoW roadmap, with highly anticipated features like Warbands set to launch with the expansion’s pre-patch a few weeks ahead of the expansion proper.

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