Where Is Xur Today? (January 19-23) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide
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Where Is Xur Today? (January 19-23) Destiny 2 Exotic Items And Xur Location Guide

He’s here! Everyone’s favorite arms dealer, Xur, is back to offer a curated selection of weapons and armor during a quiet time for Destiny 2. That break from the usual stress of battling entities beyond mortal comprehension will be coming to a break soon as new Season of the Wish content is on the way, so now is a good time to arm yourself for some upcoming challenges. Here’s where Xur is this weekend and what he has for sale.

This week you can find Xur in the EDZ, in the Winding Cove area. For his weapon, Xur is offering Skyburner’s Oath. Hunters can pick up Gemini Jester leg armor; Titans can grab Peregrine Greaves leg armor; and Warlocks can buy the Getaway Artist gauntlets.

Xur location

Xur's location in the EDZ.
Xur’s location in the EDZ.

Spawn in at the Winding Cove transmat zone, then hop on your sparrow and go north. Take the collapsed overpass on the left and look for a cave near the bend in the road. Follow the tunnel through the cliff face to reach a higher ridge where a Fallen dropship has crashed; you’ll find Xur waiting there.

Xur Exotic and Legendary Items

  • Exotic Engram – 97 Legendary Shards
  • Skyburner’s Oath – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Peregrine Greaves – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Getaway Artist – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon – 200 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, 1 Exotic Cipher
  • Xenology quest – Free
  • Legendary weapons and armor – 50 Legendary Shards, 1,000 Glimmer

Exotic Armor

Gemini Jester (Exotic Hunter leg armor)

Gemini Jester
Gemini Jester

These Hunter Exotic trousers are pretty good for PvP, as you can use them to befuddle anyone near you. Dodging will leave an opponent disorientated and remove their radar, giving you a leg up on the competition. For the stats, this roll has high strength–so you can sneak in a powerful charged melee–as well as high recovery and mobility. Resilience is very low so you’ll want to apply an armor mod to address that gap in your defenses.

  • Mobility: 17
  • Resilience: 2
  • Recovery: 15
  • Discipline: 10
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 17
  • Total: 67

Peregrine Greaves (Exotic Titan leg armor)

Peregrine Greaves
Peregrine Greaves

For the Titan who loves using a specific type of charged melee attack, Peregrine Greaves will give you some extra pep in your step. Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash will do extra damage when activated in the air, and attacking mini-bosses, Tormentors, or Champions with a shoulder charge will refund you melee energy. Fittingly, the strength and resilience stats are quite good on this Exotic, but recovery and intellect are on the low side.

  • Mobility: 11
  • Resilience: 17
  • Recovery: 6
  • Discipline: 8
  • Intellect: 7
  • Strength: 15
  • Total: 64

Getaway Artist (Exotic Warlock gauntlets)

Getaway Artist
Getaway Artist

Arc builds may not be in fashion this season, but you can still use that subclass to inflict tremendous damage with the right build. Getaway Artist allows your Warlock to convert their Arc grenade into an Arc Soul and become amplified, useful for those occasions when you’re waiting for your Rift to recharge. The Discipline stat is quite high, so you won’t have to wait too long to recharge you’re grenade ability, recovery is decent, and there’s a high mobility stat to make you that little bit speedier on the battlefield when you aren’t in an Amplified state.

  • Mobility: 17
  • Resilience: 7
  • Recovery: 11
  • Discipline: 23
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 2
  • Total: 66

Exotic Weapons

Skyburner’s Oath (Exotic scout rifle)

Skyburner's Oath
Skyburner’s Oath

Tired of Cabal troopers popping shields and blocking your firepower? With Skyburner’s Oath you can burn right through those pesky shields, as this is one of the go-to anti-Cabal weapons around. This Exotic has received some interesting changes over the years, as hip-firing essentially turns it into a grenade launcher with explosive slug ammo and applies Scorch to a target. It’s also a Solar weapon, and with this season favoring that element, you can use it to inflict even more explosive damage if you’ve unlocked the right seasonal mods.

  • Slug Rifle
  • For the Empire
  • Extended Barrel
  • Extended Magazine
  • Short-Action Stock

Hawkmoon (Exotic hand cannon)


Hawkmoon isn’t bad this week, but it’s not great either. Eye of the Storm is on this week’s roll, giving you boosted accuracy and handling the lower your health is. Not too bad when you’re in a pinch.

  • Paracausal Shot
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Chambered Compensator
  • Combat Grip

Legendary Armor

Titan Type Mobility Resilience Recovery Discipline Intelligence Strength Total
Ketchkiller’s Gauntlets Titan Gauntlets 15 2 12 15 8 6 58
Ketchkiller’s Plate Titan Chest Armor 2 14 12 2 17 9 56
Ketchkiller’s Mark Titan Mark 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ketchkiller’s Helmet Titan Helmet 2 22 2 7 7 12 52
Ketchkiller’s Greaves Titan Leg Armor 2 9 16 2 14 11 54
Warlock Type
Ketchkiller’s Gloves Warlock Gauntlets 7 17 2 19 6 2 53
Ketchkiller’s Robes Warlock Chest Armor 6 19 2 2 10 12 51
Ketchkiller’s Bond Warlock Bond 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ketchkiller’s Hood Warlock Helmet 6 12 6 11 6 7 48
Ketchkiller’s Boots Warlock Leg Armor 6 13 9 6 14 6 54
Hunter Type
Ketchkiller’s Grips Hunter Gauntlets 13 7 6 2 20 9 57
Ketchkiller’s Vest Hunter Chest Armor 2 11 11 2 19 6 51
Ketchkiller’s Cloak Hunter Cloak 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ketchkiller’s Mask Hunter Helmet 10 9 8 6 18 2 53
Ketchkiller’s Strides Hunter Leg Armor 9 10 8 2 17 8 54

Legendary Weapons

Arsenic Bite-4b Energy Combat Bow Flexible String / Natural String Carbon Arrow Shaft / Helical Fletching Quickdraw Sneak Bow
Seventh Seraph SAW Heavy Machine Gun Chambered Compensator / Hammer-Forged Rifling Appended Mag / Ricochet Rounds Auto-Loading Holster Firing Line
Nature of the Beast Energy Hand Cannon Fastdraw HCS / SteadyHand HCS Alloy Magazine / Flared Magwell Subsistence Dragonfly
Hoosegow Heavy Rocket Launcher Volatile Launch / Smart Drift Control High-Velocity Rounds / Impact Casing Underdog Cluster Bomb
Wolftone Draw Energy Combat Bow Agile Bowstring / Tactile String Fiberglass Arrow Shaft / Straight Fletching Threat Detector Dragonfly
Piece of Mind Kinetic Pulse Rifle Arrowhead Brake / Extended Barrel Extended Mag / Armor-Piercing Rounds Perpetual Motion Harmony
Path of Least Resistance Energy Trace Rifle Polygonal Rifling / Smallbore Ionized Battery / Tactical Battery Triple Tap One for All

Xur is present every weekend in Destiny 2, starting with the daily reset at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET each Friday. His exact location is always a mystery when he first arrives, as he is not listed on the map, and for novice players, he can be easy to miss. However, there are a set number of locations where he takes up residence, including the Tower Hangar area, on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and in the Winding Cove area of the EDZ.

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