Stardew Valley Moss Locations And Recipes
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Stardew Valley Moss Locations And Recipes

Stardew Valley moss looks like a humble item, mostly because it is, but it turns up in some of the best crafting recipes in the Stardew 1.6 update. Getting enough of the green stuff for what you need is a bit hit-or-miss, though. Moss turns up randomly, so unless you get very lucky during a certain summer rainstorm, you’ll likely be hunting it down for a long time.

Our Stardew Valley moss guide explains where to find the plant and which crafting recipes you need it for.

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Where to find moss in Stardew Valley

Moss grows on trees, which is a pretty vague description, but outside one specific circumstance, there’s no way to narrow it down. Your best bet for finding a moss-covered tree is in Cindersap Forest, the area immediately south of your farm, though there’s a chance moss will turn up on any tree in the forest, around town, or literally anywhere else where trees stand.

The chance is pretty small, in my experience. You might only find one stack of moss in a given day, or you may get lucky and end up with several.

When you find moss, you can harvest it with your sickle. There’s no need to cut the tree down, and if you do chop it down, you’ll get the same amount of moss.

Any full-grown tree has a chance to sprout moss one day.
Any full-grown tree has a chance to sprout moss one day.

Stardew Valley green rain explained

The one time you’re guaranteed to find moss in abundance is on green rain days. Green rain is a weather phenomenon introduced in Stardew Valley 1.6, and it only happens during the summer. The weather channel will forecast it the day before, the same as any other weather event, and despite green rain scaring the villagers, it poses no harm to you.

During green rain, you have a much higher chance of finding moss on trees, and the special weeds that grow will leave moss behind when they disappear the day after the green rain event. Giant fern trees might also grow, though they only give you ferns, not moss – still useful, but not for recipes that need moss.

Green rain seems to be a pretty rare event. I only had it happen once during summer.

Stardew Valley moss recipes

Moss shows up in several crafting recipes, including:

  • Speed-Gro fertilizer
  • Mushroom log
  • Deluxe Worm Bin
  • Deluxe bait
  • Challenge bait
  • Statue of Blessings

Deluxe Worm Bins produce deluxe bait regularly and require 30 pieces of moss. The real star is the Statue of Blessings, though. Once per day, it grants a unique blessing, ranging from infinite energy to higher friendship gains when you interact with other people (in the game, of course. It’s not that special.) However, the Statue of Blessings requires 333 pieces of moss, so don’t expect to craft it during your first year.

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