Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Launch Is a Disaster
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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Launch Is a Disaster

Aspyr is under fire over the disastrous launch of the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, which is plagued with server issues, bugs, and more.

Launching today, March 14, the $34.99 Classic Collection — which includes the original two Star Wars: Battlefront games — currently has a “mostly negative” rating on Steam with just 21% of reviews being positive. Headlining most complaints are connectivity issues, with myriad Steam and social media users claiming just three 64-player servers were available at launch for the 9,232 players who logged in on Steam alone.

Aspyr seemingly added more servers within a few hours of launch but problems were rampant. “Was only able to join one Heroes versus Villains match and the Heroes’ side was completely broken,” said Kamaji on Steam. “No one could join the Heroes team which resulted in no one to fight against. I figured this may have been just a Battlefront 2 issue so I hopped on over to play Battlefront 1 multiplayer. There’s zero servers up for Battlefield 1. Wow.”

“As of right now the multiplayer (otherwise known as the only reason to buy this product if you already own the original games) is entirely unplayable, making this game a waste of money until that issue is fixed,” said KitsuneKami.

“Currently, game is totally unplayable. Even if you manage to get into a server, players cannot spawn. Not sure if it’s a cheater or denial thing, bugged gameplay, or both,” said nightnight.

Server issues appear just one part of the problem, however. Aiming has been flagged as a major issue, including on PC with mouse sensitivity and on consoles with traditional controller support.

“Aim controls make it unplayable in multiplayer,” said Slyder768 on Reddit. “The complete lack of aim assist (there is one in solo) make it awful. It’s been designed for controllers of the original Xbox era but the price point is high and nothing has been touched on this front.”

Slyder768 also noted a game breaking bug where the respawn timer gets stuck on one, saying it happened on three of their fives games with only a full relaunch serving as a “fix”. They also report missing cutscenes in the campaign, split screen being limited to two players instead of four, flight controls being inverted with no option to change, sound issues where it spikes then mutes, and more.

LightbringerOG began a bug report on Reddit, where users reported the Xbox Series S version doesn’t work if two controllers are connected upon launch, instant crashes when searching for a Conquest game, bugged hit boxes, and more.

“I loved the originals,” said IAmNotOnRedditAtWork. “This re-release (so far) is hands down the worst video game I have ever paid money for.”

Aspyr isn’t particularly popular with Star Wars fans following a handful of similar situations. It canceled downloadable content for its Nintendo Switch port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, and its full remake of the same game has also been stuck in development hell for years, but is reportedly still alive.

This isn’t the first time the Classic Collection has proved controversial either, despite being announced just a few weeks ago on February 21 and launching today. Eagle-eyed fans spotted Aspyr accidentally used footage of a Star Wars mod for its trailer instead of its own gameplay.

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