Seven Seas Licenses Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl, Otonari Complex Manga, Too Many Losing Heroines! Manga/Light Novels – News
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Seven Seas Licenses Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl, Otonari Complex Manga, Too Many Losing Heroines! Manga/Light Novels – News

Seven Seas announced on Wednesday that it has licensed the following titles:

Image via Seven Seas’ Twitter account

Title: Too Many Losing Heroines! manga and light novels
Creators: Takibi Amamori, Imigimuru, Itachi
Release: August
Summary: Plain, boring, and friendless Nukumizu Kazuhiko has witnessed something completely baffling: popular girl Yanami Anna was friend-zoned by her childhood friend and crush! In fact, all the popular girls around him are getting similarly rejected by the boys they like. Without realizing it, Kazuhiko becomes entangled in the relationship drama where all the leading heroines are losing out on love! Can he keep their spirits up and help them find happiness?

The series is getting a television anime adaptation in 2024.

Image via Seven Seas’ Twitter account

Image via Seven Seas’ Twitter account

Title: Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl: The Complete Manga Collection
Creators: mocchi-au-lait, majoccoid
Release: September
Summary: When Okuma Satomi’s friend seeks her help wrangling guys for a crossdressing cafe, Satomi winds up with a boyfriend! Sort of. After asking her handsome and aloof classmate, Kanda Mizuki, to help out in the cafe, Mizuki agrees, but on one condition: the two of them must go on a date. Satomi eagerly agrees, delighted to have such a good-looking guy interested in her, but Mizuki realizes that Satomi has completely misunderstood something crucial: Mizuki is a girl! Will this case of mistaken identity blossom into something beautiful, or will the truth leave both girls brokenhearted?

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Title: After School Etude manga
Creator: Hirune Cyan
Release: September
Summary: When Minobe Chihiro is admitted to a private arts academy to study ballet, the last person he expects to train with is surly second-year student Ichinomiya Shun. Yet by some stroke of luck, the two are paired up for their school’s mandatory pas de deux practice. While Minobe has fallen at first sight for Ichinomiya’s superior dance sense, the second-year’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired. For Ichinomiya, being paired with Minobe as a dance partner is just one of the ways he’d like to be together with his new partner. It’s not just grades that have Ichinomiya dancing with Minobe—he’s head over heels, and he’s after Minobe’s heart! Recommended for Mature Audiences.

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Title: Loved by Two Fiancés manga
Creators: Chizu Aoi, Mia Yuduki
Release: September
Summary: Café barista Hayase Hinako lives with her handsome fiancé Kagaya Seiya, a hotshot lawyer she met in her coffee shop. He’s everything she could ever want in a future husband: sweet, caring, and handy in the kitchen as well as in the bedroom. But just when she thinks it’s all smooth sailing, her loving partner transforms from a gentleman into a tyrant overnight! He may look the same on the outside, but he’s not the Seiya she knows and loves…so who is he?!

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Title: Otonari Complex manga
Creator: Saku Nonomura
Release: September
Summary: Kuji Akira and Ninomiya Makoto are childhood friends and neighbors. Since Akira is “handsome” for a girl and Makoto is “pretty” for a boy, their gender presentation is often confused. As they try to untangle their complex feelings about themselves and each other, they find out their friends are crushing on them, too. It’s a complicated childhood friend love story!

Seven Seas also licensed Fargo’s Love is an Illusion! – The Queen manhwa for release in October.

Source: Seven Seas‘ Twitter account

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