Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on review: I can’t get ‘the gold one’ out of my mind
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on review: I can’t get ‘the gold one’ out of my mind

Samsung invited Mashable to check out its new Galaxy S24 line, including the base model, the S24+, and the S24 Ultra, but one particular phone caught my eye.

Tchaikovsky’sRomeo and Juliet” instantly played in my head when I spotted the golden-esque Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in all of its auriferous glory. Wow!

Woman holding Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

When a Samsung rep asked me what I thought of the phones, I pointed to the striking device and said, “I love that one — the gold one.”

She corrected me and said, “Ah, that’s our Titanium Yellow.

My ‘golden hour’ with ‘Titanium Yellow’

I spent less than an hour with the Titanium Yellow Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra model, but I can’t get it off my mind. I’ve been spending a couple of months using the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and until I held the Galaxy S24 Ultra, I didn’t realize how unergonomic it is.

I can’t say it’s uncomfortable, but it’s not pleasant either. The other phones in the S24 lineup, including the S24 and S24+, have a similar flat-edge, boxy design I don’t particularly love.

Man holding the Samsung Galaxy S24+

Samsung Galaxy S24+
Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

However, when my right hand wrapped around that glorious “Titanium Yellow” S24 Ultra, it was as if my palm said, “This is it — this is the one.”

It looks so damn good — and feels good, too — so much so that it will likely be my next daily driver, replacing my Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In addition to Titanium Yellow, there are Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Gray colorways you can snatch up, too.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra models

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

A obvious indication that, like the iPhone 15 Pro models, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra variants contain titanium, too.

No striking differences

Aside from the attractive new colorways (I wasn’t a fan of the S23 Ultra’s hues), I didn’t notice anything conspicuously different about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

It has the same quadruple-camera layout that gives off a bizarre arachnid aesthetic, as well as that highly praised hole-punch display that delivers spacious screen real estate.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

On the bottom of the phone, you’ll find the beloved S Pen that you can click out of place to jot down notes. Exclusive to the Ultra models, it still glides across the screen responsively — and has the same design and feel.

Woman using S Pen with Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

If Samsung made any major tweaks to the hardware, I didn’t catch any during my short time with the Ultra.

Galaxy AI

However, with Samsung diving head-first into artificial intelligence (AI), the most significant upgrades throughout the S24 lineup will have something to do with AI and machine-learning.

I haven’t gotten a chance to experiment with these features during this hands-on event, but Galaxy AI will play a huge role in the camera experience as well as your phone calls (e.g., AI Live Translate Call).

Final thoughts

A Samsung rep also showed off the company’s new phone cases.

New cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 line

Three new cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 line
Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

The cases have an interesting mechanism that you can slide down, allowing you to place your hand through a loop. It relieves you of having to grasp your phone all day, I guess.

Samsung Galaxy S24 new case

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

Personally, the Titanium Yellow Galaxy S24 Ultra looks so good, it’d be a shame to put a case over it. Let’s hope the new titanium material inside the S24 Ultra models make them sturdier and stronger, too.

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