Overwatch 2 Mauga Hero Guide
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Overwatch 2 Mauga Hero Guide

Mauga is an offense-focused Overwatch 2 tank, who has the unique tank ability to heal his teammates. Armed with two massive miniguns, Mauga is designed for getting into combat and dealing large amounts of damage, but this offensive forward design makes him weak to crowd control abilities. As long as you can avoid pushing at the wrong time, Mauga can dominate most enemy tanks. Here’s everything you need to know about playing Mauga in Overwatch 2.

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Mauga overview

Mauga is armed with dual miniguns, one that ignites enemies and the other that applies critical damage to ignited enemies. He has a charge ability that knocks enemies out of the way that finishes with a stomp and knocks enemies down if he lands on them. His Cardiac Overdrive ability creates an area around Mauga that lets both him and teammates in the area recover health by dealing damage. His ultimate, Cage Fight, creates an arena with a shield, chaining enemies nearby in the circle, unable to leave.

Mauga abilities

Incendiary Chaingun: Automatic weapon that ignites enemies on repeated impacts.

Volatile Chaingun: Automatic weapon that deals critical damage to burning enemies.

Overrun: Charge forward and stomp to launch enemies. You are unstoppable while charging.

Cardiac Overdrive: Nearby allies take reduced damage and heal by dealing damage.

Berserker Passive: Gain temporary health when dealing critical damage.

Cage Fight Ultimate: Deploy a barrier that traps yourself and enemies. Gain unlimited ammo while inside.


Mauga thrives up close, so get in the middle of the action.
Mauga thrives up close, so get in the middle of the action.

Mauga thrives when pushing on the enemy team. His dual miniguns allow him to do a tremendous amount of damage. You can fire them simultaneously, but using the left incendiary gun to light someone on fire before dealing critical damage with the right seems more effective. The guns share an ammo pool, so firing at the same time drains them very quickly. You also won’t get the bonus critical damage right away, which is important, because it deals more damage and provides you with additional temporary health.

Cardiac Overdrive should be used when you reach about half health, as it takes a moment for health to be restored when you deal damage. You also need to watch out for any crowd control abilities, specifically a sleep or anti-heal grenade from Ana. If you get hit with the ability up, it doesn’t do anything for you, since you can deal damage. Without armor or shields, Mauga is susceptible to crowd control and high damage output by heroes.


Overrun is a fantastic way to kick off a team fight, but you need to be very careful to run straight into your death. While Mauga is unstoppable when charging, you still take damage. If the enemy team is set up and ready to shoot you, charging at them will send you right back to the spawn room. The charge will automatically stomp after a certain amount of distance, but you can also trigger it early to hit a specific target. You can also cancel the charge, if it seems like you need to switch up your strategy. Aiming the stomp can take a few matches to get used to, but you will want to target a squishy hero, either a support or a long-range damage hero. The stomp will knock them up in the air and stun them, making it easy for you to light them up with the miniguns.

1v1 me bro

Mauga’s Cage Fight ultimate is easily the best ability in his kit and offers up potential team kills on pretty much every use. It spawns a circular shield around Mauga and chains enemies inside the shield. Enemies cannot move through or shoot through the shield, instead needing to deal damage to break it. You and your teammates can shoot through the shield, making anyone caught inside a sitting duck. Mauga cannot leave the arena until the ultimate ends or you cancel it, so you need to focus on staying alive as well as dealing damage. You get unlimited ammo during the ultimate, so don’t stop shooting. It’s a good idea to wait until your Cardiac Overdrive is off cooldown, as it’s pretty handy to have during the ultimate.

Other Mauga tips

  • The miniguns share an ammo pool, so firing them at the same time will drain your ammo much faster. They also have to be reloaded at the same time because of this.
  • The Overrun ability can be triggered early and even canceled, so you can trigger it to get the enemy team to use their abilities and cancel it before running into danger.
  • Mauga’s health drains quickly due to his lack of shields or armor, so make sure you are maximizing Cardiac Overdrive and his passive to keep your health full.
  • The miniguns spread gets significantly worse over distance and slightly worse when firing them simultaneously.
  • Since your teammates can shoot through Cage Fight’s shields, it’s more beneficial for them to shoot from the outside of it, where the enemy can’t reach them.

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