Lords Of The Fallen – How To Get The Radiant Ending And Radiant Purifier Class
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Lords Of The Fallen – How To Get The Radiant Ending And Radiant Purifier Class

The Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending is one of three possible ways to conclude your campaign. The journey will be long and perilous, often taking you to areas crawling with enemies. These all lead to a climactic encounter. Our guide discusses how to unlock the Radiant Ending in Lords of the Fallen, which also nets you the Radiant Purifier class. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains major spoilers.

How to get the Radiant Ending and Radiant Purifier class in Lords of the Fallen

The Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending can be unlocked if you cleanse all five beacons. This makes it the most straightforward out of all three potential endings in the game. From there, you have to venture deeper into Bramis Castle and defeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile.

Where to find all five beacons

The five beacons in Mournstead can be found in the following locations:

  • Forsaken Fen – Go through the swamps past where you fight Gentle Gaverus.
  • Upper Calrath – This requires you to trek through the Lower Calrath slums, the mining complex, and the cistern, until you eventually reach the upper city.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse/Kinrangr Fief – This is the snow area, where you’ll do battle against Viking raiders and their cohorts.
  • The Empyrean – This gigantic cathedral can be reached by way of the Leprosarium of the Hallowed Brothers and the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Tower of Penance – One of the branching paths in the Leprosarium’s courtyard leads to this tower.

Bear in mind that each beacon is guarded by a Heresy-type boss (i.e. major boss or great foe), not to mention other bosses and elites that can be encountered along the way. As such, you need to be ready for these challenges.

It’s also worth noting that cleansing beacons can lock you out of the Rhogar Ending and Umbral Ending. Getting all three won’t be possible in a single run, and you may need to use backup saves that still require you to spend numerous hours replaying entire portions of the game.

Beacons are often defended by major Heresy-type bosses.
Beacons are often defended by major Heresy-type bosses.

How to reach the final boss

Once all five beacons have been cleansed, you’re one step closer to reaching the Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Head to the large gate that’s blocked by a rock formation in Upper Calrath. You’ll have to defeat the Iron Wayfarer in this area. He’s an NPC-turned-Sinner-miniboss.
  • After passing through the gate, you need to take out Damarose the Marked, another NPC-turned-Sinner-miniboss.
  • Continue onward past the lava flows and enter Bramis Castle, where you have to eliminate several Conflagrant Seers, Ruiners, and other Sinner bosses that are now regular enemies.
  • You then have to beat a Heresy boss known as the Sundered Monarch.
  • Once the Sundered Monarch is dead, interact with the tendril-covered doorway at the back of the throne room. This will take you to the Rhogar Realm.


Bramis Castle (left) is overflowing with lava, and you need to reach the throne room (right) to enter the Rhogar Realm.

How to defeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile

The final boss if you want to get the Radiant Ending in Lords of the Fallen is Adyr, the Bereft Exile. Yes, it’s the demon god you’ve heard about since the start of the campaign. Funnily enough, this encounter doesn’t involve fighting or damaging him directly.

Adyr watches your every move.
Adyr watches your every move.

Here’s what you can expect from the Lords of the Fallen Adyr final boss encounter:

  • Adyr stands at the edge of the arena. There’s an altar next to him, which acts like a timer of sorts.
  • Your goal is to kill all of the cultists in the arena. Be forewarned since they have fire-based attacks, explosions, and lava flows that cause the burn and ignite status effects.
  • Every cultist that you kill whittles down Adyr’s health.
  • You need to be fast in eliminating all the hostiles since there’s a hidden timer. Your cues come in to the form of the altar in front of Adyr, Adyr’s own monologue, and the pulsing sound effect that beats faster if you’re almost out of time.

Once Adyr’s HP has been fully depleted, a cutscene will trigger. Your character will bring out the Umbral Lamp, its power disintegrating Adyr completely. Then, your character will float in mid-air before being consumed by flames. Well, that doesn’t seem like a happy ending at all, eh?


After eliminating all the cultists (left), your Umbral Lamp will annihilate Adyr (right).

The Radiant Purifier class starting items and spells

After the cutscene, you’ll see a couple of pop-ups:

  • New Game Plus (NG+) – If you accept this prompt, it will overwrite your current save. As such, it’s better to decline this for now since you can always switch to NG+ by interacting with vestiges.
  • Radiant Purifier class – The Radiant Ending unlocks the Radiant Purifier secret starting class.

The Lords of the Fallen Radiant Purifier class has the following notable quirks:

  • Stats: STR 12, AGI 10, END 13, VIT 14, RAD 18, INF 8.
  • Weapons: Radiant Purifier Polearm and Radiant Purifier Catalyst.
  • Armor: Radiant Purifier Armor Set – Has high holy resistance.
  • Amulet: Empyrean Pendant – Increases holy damage and holy defense.
  • Starting spells: Piercing Light, Aura of Tenacity, and Healing Sigil.


The Radiant Purifier’s stats, items, and spells (left) make it a formidable starting class for your next playthrough (right).

As you can see, the Lords of the Fallen Radiant Purifier class is certainly a lot stronger than the Orian Preacher class, which is available by default. We encourage you to try this class if you completed your initial run as a melee or ranged DPS character, so you can experience a holy magic-based playstyle.

That does it for our Lords of the Fallen Saintly Radiant Ending and Radiant Purifier guide. Since this journey requires you to trek all over the lands of Mournstead, you might want to know how long it takes to complete the campaign. We’ve also got other guides to help you along the way, such as Saintly Quintessence/Sanguinarix flask upgrades, Umbral Lamp upgrades, and Blacksmith weapon upgrades.

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