How Arizona Sunshine 2 Ups the VR Zombie Survival Ante
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How Arizona Sunshine 2 Ups the VR Zombie Survival Ante

From developer and publisher Vertigo Games, Arizona Sunshine 2 is a VR zombie survival first-person shooter that puts you back in the shoes (and head) of the dark-humoured and sarcastic survivor introduced in the 2016 original game. Continuing to survive alone in the heat of the Arizona desert, the unnamed hero witnesses a helicopter crash. Desperate for human contact he strikes out to find the landing site only to discover a different sort of companion… Whether you’re an old hand at blasting brains, or you’re taking on the zombie hordes for the first time, here’s what you need to know about Arizona Sunshine 2.

The Story at the End of the World

Experience this new frontier in blood-pumping, zombie-blasting action alongside a gripping narrative that tells the story of one man’s survival. After a heavy night of drinking his troubles away, the protagonist wakes up to find the undead (which he refers to collectively as ‘Fred’) are still shuffling about, and he is still very much alone. When he locates the crash site of a downed helicopter, hoping to find survivors, he’s surprised to find the only one left alive is a waggy-tailed, fetch-loving dog. Together, the hero and his four-legged friend, Buddy, set out to find the elusive Patient Zero, in the hope of prompting a military rescue. With a campaign twice as long as the first game, you’ll experience the twists, turns, highs and lows of this sun-drenched zombie survival story, alongside the main character’s darkly comic quips and sarcastic comments, brought to life by returning voice actor Sky Soliel.

Man’s Best Friend

Buddy is more than a fluffy friend in dark times, with him by your side ‘Fred’ doesn’t stand a chance! Direct him to take down enemies, or hold a zombie in place while you line up the perfect blood-splattering headshot. And when you want something that is just a little bit out of reach, you bet that good-boy Buddy is more than happy to fetch it for you, just be sure to pet him as a reward. As if that wasn’t enough, Buddy can hold onto two extra guns in his handy combat jacket, making him both armed and dangerous ⁠– even if he can’t shoot them himself.

Guns and Gore Galore

Arizona Sunshine 2 features highly realistic and immersive combat, powered by a cutting-edge mutilation and gore system that makes taking down zombies feel as good as looks. This gore-geous system is most evident in the game’s new melee combat, where you can hack machetes into skulls, chop off limbs and wack zombies with a variety of weapons including garden shovels and katanas. Getting up close and personal is a great way of saving bullets, but when you want to blast zombies with good old firepower, you won’t be disappointed. With over 40 weapons at your disposal including shotguns and a flamethrower, Arizona Sunshine 2 encourages you to take down zombies in whatever way you like. And when you’ve emptied your clip, executing a full manual reload, available with all fire-arms, steps up the level of detail and realism in the game.

Vertigo Games have also acknowledged how the VR community has evolved, from experienced veterans, to newcomers dipping their toes into the virtual “water”. To help players find the right level of difficulty for them, there are four options to choose from: Story, for a relaxed narrative experience; Adventure, a balanced challenge ideal for VR newbies; Survival, how the developers envisioned the game to be experienced; and Apocalypse, for a harcore zombie survival challenge.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

While the story focuses on being alone, you don’t have to be! Full campaign co-op returns in Arizona Sunshine 2, so you can enjoy the story alongside a friend. If experiencing the apocalypse together as a duo sounds fun, add more survivors to the mix with Horde Mode, an endless mode for up to four players that pits you against waves of zombies as you attempt to survive as long as possible. If you’re a competitive zombie killer, check out the online leaderboards to see how you perform, and keep an eye out for three more free co-op maps Vertigo Games will be adding in year one.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is out now on PS VR 2, Steam VR, Pico 4 and Meta Quest.

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