GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid – All Getaway Vehicle Options
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GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid – All Getaway Vehicle Options

During the “Hit and Run” mission of the GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, you have the chance to steal one of three getaway vehicles for the upcoming heist. These vehicles belong to the same factions from the previous mission, Concealed Weapons, where you had to steal different loadouts.

As you might expect, if you choose to steal a weapon from the same faction you stole a loadout from, they’re going to be extra aggressive. However, you’re not even told what vehicles are awaiting you when you arrive at a faction’s location, so you won’t know which one has the best possible getaway vehicle. Below, you can see what vehicle awaits at each faction, how to get it, and which one is the best to steal.

Getaway Vehicle A

First up, we have Point A, which is home to the Marabunta Gang. These are low-level criminals who don’t sport the same number of enemies or gear strength as the other locations. However, this also means the vehicle you can steal won’t be as fast.

If you choose to steal the getaway vehicle from the Marabunta Gang, you’ll be getting a random gang vehicle. This includes a blue panel van, a Declasse Tulip, a four-door sedan, and some other average vehicles. I wound up with the Declasse Tulip, which doesn’t have the best speed or handling but it was enough to get the job done.

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When you go to Point A’s location on the map, you need to find the garage where all of the Marabunta Gang enemies are located. Head to the back of the garage and look about halfway up to the roof. You should see a small, gray electrical box on the wall. Shoot the box and that opens up the garage, allowing you to steal the vehicle inside and drive it out. You can choose to kill the enemies there or not, but they’ll chase you to Vincent’s garage after you start driving regardless.

Getaway Vehicle B

Next up is Point B, which is where The Professionals congregate. These are the same enemies you met on the yacht during the Concealed Weapons mission, but this time they’re on dry land. The Professionals have one of two vehicles ready to steal at an oil refinery. One of the vehicles is a Coil Raider electric sports car, which seems to be the more common vehicle to spawn. I’m unsure of the other vehicle that can spawn, but it’s likely something similar to a sports car.

At the oil refinery where The Professionals are located, there are two possible locations they can be. However, the best way to tell where they are is by looking for the Buzzard in the sky. Wherever the Buzzard chopper is, that’s where you’ll find your getaway vehicle.

You need to take out the chopper, eliminate the enemies, and then drive away with the car to Vincent’s garage. Once again, enemies will chase you while you’re driving whether you eliminate them all or not.

Getaway Vehicle C

Finally, there’s Point C and the militia. This is by far the hardest vehicle to steal, as you have to take out four choppers, a couple of weaponized SUVs, and several other vehicles to get your hands on the getaway vehicle. If you manage to steal the vehicle, you’ll drive away in a Canis Terminus, one of the new vehicles available in the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. The Terminus is based on a real-life Jeep and it has fairly decent defense and all-terrain tires.

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In order to steal the Terminus, you need to first take out two weaponized SUVs. Preferably, you’ll drive up to the location in a weaponized vehicle yourself with missiles, as that’s the best way to take out the SUVs and choppers. Once the SUVs are dealt with, start shooting down all of the choppers in the sky. Eventually, you’ll see one chopper that’s holding the Canis Terminus below it. Shoot that one down and it will release the vehicle safely to the ground, allowing you to get in and drive away.

Which Getaway Vehicle is best?

In my opinion, the best overall getaway vehicle is the one at Point A with the Marabunta Gang. While it’s technically the worst vehicle between the three possibilities, the other two locations are simply too difficult to work around. You have to take out choppers, a dozen or more enemies, and you’re farther away from Vincent’s garage.

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With Point A, you can steal the vehicle right away, only eliminate a few enemies, and you can take the train tracks to reach Vincent’s garage within minutes and have no enemies chasing you on the road. If you’re worried about speed of your getaway vehicle during the heist, you can actually take the train tracks right behind the cartel factory to make an easy escape, negating the need for a faster car.

And that’s all you need to know about the getaway vehicles in the GTA Online Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid. We went over how to play the raid solo if you’re interested in being a lone wolf and did a complete walkthrough of the raid as well.

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