GTA 6: Everything We Know About the Map and Locations
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GTA 6: Everything We Know About the Map and Locations

Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally, officially real, and not only is it taking us back to the bright and brazen Miami-inspired Vice City, its map seeps into the surrounding swamps based on Florida’s Everglades. Developer Rockstar Games has only released a 90 second trailer for the game, but we’ve poured over every moment to piece together as much of GTA 6’s map as we can while comparing the various locations to their real-world inspirations.

But let’s start simple. Grand Theft Auto 5 fully introduced counties to the franchise and featured two itself: Los Santos County, which encompassed the Los Angeles-inspired city, and Blaine County, the northern region accentuated by a large desert and interesting locals. Not to be outdone, the GTA 6 trailer references three counties, and as Rockstar likely wants to make everything bigger and better in its highly anticipated sequel, it makes sense GTA 6 would have more explorable regions than its predecessor.

These three regions are Vice Dale County, which we can see on the Sheriff’s badge in the background of Mega Noticias’ news report on a character seemingly based on the Florida Joker; Leonard County, which appears on a police car in the fictional social media clip from PlanetLeonidaMan; and Kelly County, which is listed on various road signs.

As Vice City is based on Miami, it’s very likely Vice Dale County is based on Miami-Dade County, which contains the city and its outskirts, including much of the Everglades. We expect the Grand Theft Auto version will solely include the city, though. Rockstar did the same with GTA 5 and while the real Los Angeles County includes the city and much of the area above it, Rockstar’s Los Santos County solely includes the city and reimagines the northern area as Blaine County. Counties are therefore used to separate geographically distinct areas, so Vice Dale County will likely just include Vice City and perhaps a taste of its outskirts.

Working out the other two – Leonard County and Kelly County – requires more tedium. Looking at the Florida map, Miami-Dade County lies in the south east and is bordered on its western border by Monroe County slightly south and Collier County slightly north. Above Miami-Dade lies Broward County, and while its real cities like Fort Lauderdale are distinct, they still lie within the Miami metropolitan area and are perhaps too aesthetically similar to Vice City to include as well. We therefore expect GTA 6 will include fictional versions of Monroe County and Collier County alongside Vice Dale.

One of these counties will likely include the Everglades-inspired swamp area, and we expect the other to cover the prison and dustier small towns seen in the trailer. But which is which? The PlanetLeonidaMan social media clip that references Leonard County shows a small town gas station, and the blue and yellow signage is a clear reference to Sunoco. This is a gas station chain with locations all over the United States, but as you can see in the image below, none are present in the south western, swampy Everglades area. This pins the gas station and its Leonard County police car in the north western area, or Collier County.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Image Credit: Google Maps

This would make Kelly County the fictionalised Monroe County, and various road signs support this too. We see Kelly County referenced in two parts of the trailer: first when a girl is waving her arms while driving through Vice City in a convertible, and another in the GeneralCustardCannon social media clip seemingly right outside the city. It makes sense road signs within Vice City, in the south east, would point first to the south western region, before offering directions to the further away north western, which suggests Kelly County is that Everglades inspired area.

The GTA 6 map will therefore likely feature Vice Dale County (and Vice City within it) in the south east, the Everglades containing Kelly County in the south west, and scattered small towns and the prison in north western Leonard County. Together they form Leonida, Rockstar’s fictional take on Florida.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, fans even think they know how the state will roughly be laid out after spotting what could be a map in the GTA 6 key art. By zooming into the bottom right corner, a notice board of sorts includes what could be a map that bears resemblance to the south east of Florida. Though it appears incomplete, a Miami Beach looking area can be seen as an offshoot of the mainland. Whether this is the map or not remains to be seen, but regardless, now that we have the general lay of the land, let’s look at some specific spots in the trailer.

Vice Dale County

Neon lights, pristine beaches, and flashy cars are just some of the highlights of Vice City, the jewel in the crown of Vice Dale County – and all of GTA 6. While Vice City was the focus of its own game in 2002, Rockstar’s take on Miami appears more true to life this time around. The city’s iconic South Beach, Wynwood, and Atlantis Condominium all feature, turned up to 11 in true Rockstar fashion.