Fortnite Cowabunga Event Brings New TMNT Weapons, Skins, And Quests
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Fortnite Cowabunga Event Brings New TMNT Weapons, Skins, And Quests

Fortnite and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) are crossing over once again, this time with a major in-game event that will carry through to nearly the end of Chapter 5 Season 1. The Fortnite Cowabunga event brings both the Turtles’ archnemesis and their mentor to the game as new skins to purchase, a bevy of in-game quests that can unlock both paid and free cosmetics, plus TMNT loot that will equip you with the heroes in a half-shell’s iconic melee weapons.

Here’s everything to know about the Fortnite Cowabunga event.

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Fortnite TMNT event start and end date

The Fortnite Cowabunga event is now live, and extends for several weeks before it finally ends on February 27 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

Cowabunga Pass

Like the Star Wars and Jiujitsu Kaisen mini-passes before it, the Cowabunga Pass acts like an additional mini battle pass that launches near the end of the season–in this case, today. It seems Epic plans to roll out these sort of events almost seasonally going forward. The TMNT pass includes several items in both its free and paid tiers.

In the free tier, you can unlock several items, such as the TMNT Pizza back bling, Kuro Kabuto bass guitar, the Turtle Blimp glider, and more. Purchasing the paid tier will unlock several more items, including instant access to the Shredder skin. Completing the paid tier also unlocks the Super Shredder skin. Both skins include Lego variants.

Also found in the item shop is Splinter (with his own Lego style, too), the Turtles’ mentor and father figure, while April O’Neil and the Turtles themselves all return to the item shop after having debuted earlier this season.

The full Cowabunga Pass
The full Cowabunga Pass


Cowabunga Quests

The Cowabunga event is fueled by its many in-game challenges, or Quests. Completing each one awards you with Ooze, and as you earn more and more Ooze, you’ll unlock the mini-pass items. By earning enough Ooze within each of the event’s six phases of challenges, you can also eventually unlock the event’s bonus item, the Krang back bling–fans will recall Krang as the memorable talking brain from the cartoon.

TMNT weapons

Ooze and pizza are closely tied to the Ninja Turtles, but so too are their iconic weapons. During the Cowabunga event, all four of the heroes’ melee weapons of choice will be available as loot in battle royale and Zero Build. This includes:

  • Leonardo’s Katanas
  • Raphael’s Sai
  • Donatello’s Staff
  • Michaelangelo’s Nunchaku

The weapons have different stats but each include the same set of abilities: attack, air attack, dash attack, and double jump. Like the Star Wars lightsabers, these look poised to become meta-shifting weapons for the duration of their availability. These weapons can be found in chests, Supply Drops, and vending machines.

Driftboards are also unvaulted and now reskinned in a TMNT style, and of course, the Pizza Party healing item is back too. What’s a Ninja Turtles event without pizza, after all?

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