Fallout’s First Magic: The Gathering Set Revealed, And Yes, There’s A Dogmeat Card
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Fallout’s First Magic: The Gathering Set Revealed, And Yes, There’s A Dogmeat Card

With Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who collaboration Commander decks now on store shelves, Wizards of the Coast is wasting no time looking ahead to the next set of guest decks. The latest reveal has exploded like a dormant nuke at Megaton: Fallout is the next franchise to receive a Commander collaboration, with four new decks launching March 8.

The Magic: The Gathering Fallout collaboration will include four commander decks of 100 cards each, as well as separate Collector Booster packs which will offer special treatments of cards found within the decks. Over 50 cards have been revealed so far, and we have them all below.

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Each of the four decks will follow a specific theme, and each will contain a commander specifically tailored to that goal:

  • The Hail, Caesar deck will be filled with soldiers from different factions throughout Fallout lore, as well as some wasteland-dwelling warriors for extra power. This deck’s commander is Caesar, Legion’s Emperor, and the Fallout: New Vegas villain can create new creatures, draw cards, and damage enemies by sacrificing creatures already on the board.
    • Note that this is the only deck where the alternate commander was revealed, and in this case that commander is Mr. House, President And CEO.
  • The Scrappy Survivors deck will focus on scavenging for food, equipment, and helpful spells throughout the game. The commander is Fallout 4’s Dogmeat, Ever Loyal, who can dig through your deck and put an extra card in your hand as soon as he enters play.
  • The Science! deck will center around scientists, synthetics, robots, and the returning Energy Counter mechanic in order to gain an upper hand. Its commander is Dr. Madison Li, also from Fallout 4, who can turn energy counters into extra cards or reanimated artifacts.
  • Finally, the Mutant Menace deck spotlights the ghouls, deathclaws, and other monsters roaming the wastes after the bomb drops. The commander in this deck is The Wise Mothman, who capitalizes on the new Radiation token (explained below) to strengthen other mutants on the battlefield.
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Multiple spells from across the four Commander decks were revealed alongside the commanders, with references across the entire Fallout franchise. Highlights from the revealed spells include:

  • Overencumbered, which costs one generic and one white mana, is an enchantment which initially gives an opponent three extra artifacts, but then charges them mana for each artifact they control. If they don’t have enough mana to pay for the artifacts, their creatures cannot attack that turn.
  • Intelligence Bobblehead, which costs three generic mana, is a specially typed Bobblehead artifact which both generates mana and draws cards. WOTC confirmed that one Bobblehead for each stat in S.P.E.C.I.A.L–Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck–will receive a card, and each of them will also see special Serialized versions of the cards.
  • V.A.T.S., which costs two generic and two black mana, is an instant which can destroy any number of creatures in play, so long as they share the same toughness value. This card also uses the Split Second mechanic, which essentially means that once it’s cast, no other spells can be cast in that sequence.
  • Alpha Deathclaw, which costs four generic, one black, and one green mana, is a Mutant Lizard creature which can immediately destroy a permanent, then grow larger and destroy another permanent on the next turn. Note that this card just says “permanent,” which means lands are viable targets.
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Speaking of lands, two different Fallout-themed styles of the five basic land cards–forest, island, mountain, plains, and swamp–were revealed, with each one showing off a location from one of the Fallout games. The reveal also included two new types of playable Token cards: Junk and Radiation.

  • Junk tokens can be tapped and sacrificed to exile the top card of a player’s library, which can then be played from exile until the end of the turn. A player can only activate a Junk token on their turn.
  • Radiation tokens force a player to “mill”–discard cards from the top of their library–and take damage for each non-land card discarded in this way. Luckily, every time they take damage from this effect, the player can remove that many radiation counters on the spot.
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Finally, two special card frames were debuted alongside the new cards in the Commander decks: the Pip-Boy frame and the Vault Boy borderless framer

  • The Pip-Boy frame will feature within Collector Boosters, and it will change certain cards into what look like entries from the Fallout series’s iconic Pip-Boy arm device. All four commanders appear in this framing, along with cards like Alpha Deathclaw, V.A.T.S., and Radstorm.
  • The Vault Boy Borderless frame will feature in separate Collector Booster packs, and they will be reprinted cards from across Magic’s history, with art featuring Vault Boy themed around the card. Examples of revealed reprints include Arcane Signet, Crucible Of Worlds, Sol Ring, and Wasteland.

The Magic: The Gathering Fallout Commander decks and Collector Booster packs will launch March 8 in local game stores.

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