Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s Cross-Progression Explained
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Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s Cross-Progression Explained

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile launches worldwide on March 21. This new free-to-play mobile version brings back the game’s popular Verdansk and Rebirth Island maps, and it also shares content and progression between the PC and console versions of Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. Not everything carries over to Warzone Mobile, so here we highlight what content is shared and explain how the cross-progression works.

How cross-progression works in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile’s cross-progression will allow players to share all “compatible unlocked content” as well as seamlessly share progress between the PC and console versions of Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

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Once the game is released, Activision says players will simply need to log in to Warzone Mobile using their Activision ID. This will transfer their Player ID, compatible content, and any existing player progression to Warzone Mobile, and then they will make progress in rank and battle pass no matter which game is played.

Of course, players can choose not to link their account, but they’ll need to level up a new guest account on Warzone Mobile and won’t have access to any content previously unlocked within Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone.

How content is shared

Most content operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other cosmetics should carry over, but just like Call of Duty’s Carry Forward program with MW2 and MW3, some specific items might not carry over. Activision says this includes Zombies-related items and “some other battle pass content.”

Activision says all items will be marked with visible tags so Warzone Mobile players will be able to tell what game each specific item originated from, and there will be symbols to show whether the content is shared or not. An icon designed as two connected links will mark if the content is shared on Warzone Mobile, and a game monitor will designate items that are only available on PC and console.

Battle pass details, XP tokens, and CoD Points

Battle pass progression

At launch, the current Season 2 battle pass will be available in Warzone Mobile for anyone who hasn’t purchased it yet. This means new players can still level up and earn the season’s new content in the free tiers, purchase the standard $10 paid pass, a $20 bundle with a bulk of battle pass tier skips, or even the $30 BlackCell premium bundle. However, it is worth noting that the Season 2 pass ends on April 3.

Existing MW3 and Warzone players who already leveled up some or all of the Season 2 pass will find those earned items unlocked and ready for use in Warzone Mobile, with the exception of the Zombies-related items. It’s worth noting that while those specific items aren’t available to use, Warzone Mobile players can still unlock those items in the pass for use in MW3.

Warzone Mobile's Golden Dragon BlackCell weapon blueprint
Warzone Mobile’s Golden Dragon BlackCell weapon blueprint

Activision announced five additional items will be added in the Season 2 battle pass for Warzone Mobile, and these are items that are exclusive to this game and not shared.

These cosmetic items include:

  • Blueprint: “Golden Dragon” (M16 weapon blueprint, BlackCell Instant Reward)
  • Emblem: “Dragonfire Awakening” (Rare)
  • Large Decal: “Celestial Arrival” (Rare)
  • Calling Card: “Lunar Radiance” (Rare)
  • Blueprint: “Radiant Dragonstorm” (SO-14 weapon blueprint Uncommon)

XP tokens

Warzone Mobile players with linked accounts will have access to their existing bank of XP tokens they may have earned. This means double XP, weapon XP, and battle pass XP tokens can be shared for use across Warzone, MW3, and Warzone Mobile.

CoD Points

Activision has warned that CoD Points currently do not transfer from one game to another. Players can buy CoD Points in the Warzone Mobile store, but they will not transfer to the PC or console version of Warzone or MW3, and vice versa.

A celebration event will begin the day after the launch of Warzone Mobile. Here’s all the details about Warzone Mobile’s Operation: Day Zero event.

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