Bookwalker Adds The Amazing Village Creator, The 6th Loop, 100+ More Titles From Square Enix – News
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Bookwalker Adds The Amazing Village Creator, The 6th Loop, 100+ More Titles From Square Enix – News

The BookWalker Global Store announced on Friday that it is adding the following titles to its library from Square Enix:

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Title: The Amazing Village Creator: Slow Living with the Village Building Cheat Skill
Creators: Shichio Kuzu, j1 Kaido, Yasutaka Isegawa
Summary: Presented with the strange Gift of Village Building, Luke, the
son of a lord, is cast out of the domain in shame. He arrives in
a barren land with plans to develop it as well as he can, and to
live a simple, quiet life…when suddenly his mysterious Gift
activates! Enjoy Luke’s amazing, slow life, and watch as his
village grows, his Gift levels up, and his village-building
capabilities transform in this new comedic series!

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Title: The 6th Loop: I’m Finally Free of Auto Mode in this Otome Game
Creators: Reina Soratani, Kazusa Subaru, Hazuki Futaba
Summary: Our protagonist has been reincarnated into the world of an
otome game as the villainess “Mariabell Tempest”, a noble
lady with a dreadful personality. Whenever the game’s heroine
reaches a happy ending, Mariabell would face a bad ending
involving her being disgraced, going missing, or even dying.
On top of that, the enabled ‘auto-mode’ is preventing
Mariabell from choosing her own decisions however and
whenever she wants. But on the 6th loop of the game, the “auto-mode” causing her inevitable fate finally deactivates! Now, in order to survive and live peacefully, Mariabell will have to take advantage of her knowledge and experience from the past five loops! The manga version of the popular fantasy-otome game reincarnation novel is finally here!

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Title: You Were Experienced, I Was Not: Our Dating Story
Creators: Makiko Nagaoka, Carpaccio Noyama, magako
Summary: Introverted high-school student Ryuto is forced to confess to
his crush, the most popular and beautiful girl in school, Luna.
Surprisingly enough, she replies, “Then, how about we go out?
I’m single right now anyhow.” Then right after school, she
invites Ryuto to her room…?!
Despite being completely different from one another,
including the amount of experience with love and types of friends they have, the two of them are about to embark on a relationship full of firsts!

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Title: Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You
Creator: JINUSHI
Summary: Meet Sasaki, an overworked, middle-aged office worker. His
days are marked only by the passing of more unrewarding
corporate drudgery. Smoking helps take the edge off, but
other than that, the only bright spot of his day is when he goes
to the nearby supermarket and sees Yamada’s smiling face.
So, one evening after yet another exhausting day, he heads to
the supermarket to find he missed Yamada’s shift. Dejected,
he decides to go find a smoking area but discovers there isn’t one to be found. Just as he’s about to leave, a girl in a biker jacket named Tayama asks him to join her at a secret smoking area! Please note that this work is a fictional portrayal and does not endorse or encourage smoking in any way.

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Title: Are You Okay with a Slightly Older Girlfriend?
Creators: Kota Nozomi, Enya Uraki, Meruchi Nanase
Summary: A high school boy, Kaoru Momota, saved a high school girl
named Hime Orihara as she was getting molested on the train
one day.
The two of them fell in love with each other, but she has a
secret that she can’t tell anyone.
“I’m…actually 27 years old.”
The high school girl actually turned out to be a 27-year-old

The company will also add:

In total, BookWalker Global is adding more than 3,700 chapters from these works.

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