Best Nintendo Switch Cases to Buy in 2024
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Best Nintendo Switch Cases to Buy in 2024

The portability of the Nintendo Switch is one of its greatest assets, but playing on the go can put the console at risk. An accidental drop or a bunch of loose items in a backpack could lead to its demise, making a case one of the best Switch accessories to grab. Check out a detailed look at our favorite Switch cases, or just check the list below:

TL;DR – These are the Best Nintendo Switch Cases:

There’s a wide variety of options for cases. Some serve as grips, protecting your Switch without blocking you from using it. Others are larger, made to house the console and some accessories, while there are even cases to charge and extend the battery life of your console. We’ve rounded up some quality options, so you can find the Nintendo Switch case that suits your needs and style. The Switch 2 is also rumored to arrive this year, and we don’t yet know if these cases will work with the new console.

The Best Switch Cases

Best Switch Case

Orzly Carry Case

Orzly Carry Case

A hard outer shell and soft fabric interior with a microfiber tongue protect the Switch from damage, while pockets can store additional accessories.

Portability, affordability, and organization come in one convenient package with the Orzly Carry Case. For under $25, this option protects your console when on the go with a hard outer shell to keep everything intact during an inevitable drop or to ensure your Switch stays free from water damage during a rain shower. Inside, the case is wrapped in a soft fabric and includes a microfiber tongue to prevent scratches and help your device’s screen remain free from smudges.

The Orzly Carry Case is chock full of organization solutions with a main compartment that fits a switch with Joy-Cons attached, while an inner pocket can store cables, extra Joy-Cons, or smaller accessories. There’s even a space to slot in your favorite games or some SD cards. And after you zip everything you need inside, a sturdy strap makes toting your Switch around wherever you go a breeze.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Game Traveler Zelda Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Game Traveler Zelda Nintendo Switch Lite Case

Designed for the Switch Lite, this compact case offers a hard protective shell, soft interior, adjustable stand, and plastic holder for four games.

With smaller dimensions than the original, you’ll want to grab separate accessories designed for the Switch Lite, especially a case, to ensure it’s secure. The Game Traveler Zelda Nintendo Switch Lite Case will keep the compact console safe thanks to a hard outer shell made with ballistic nylon, a soft interior lining, and a durable handle. It doesn’t stop there, as cutouts and a large tongue to protect the screen hold the Nintendo Switch Lite tightly in place, preventing any major movement, which could lead to damage while on the go.

You won’t find much extra space for accessories, but you get a plastic game holder ready to hold up to four games that will remain secure in a recessed area underneath where you place the console. There’s also an adjustable viewing stand, which can come in handy. That’s it for extras, though the case does have subtle nods to Zelda with the logo on the front and zipper.

Best Budget Case

Amazon Basics Carrying Case

Amazon Basics Carrying Case

Save with this compact case offering a mesh pocket for extra storage and a sleeve for ten game cartridges.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on a carrying case, as the Amazon Basics Carrying Case gets the job done for around $15, giving you more money for game deals. It is more than up to the task of keeping your precious Switch safe with a design that won’t dramatically reduce your console’s portability. This option keeps compact dimensions and zips up, wrapping your device in sturdy protection that will keep it safe from short drops, debris in your backpack, and even a bit of water—just don’t dunk it.

The Amazon Basics Carrying Case does more than just protect your Switch; it’ll also hold some additional accessories. There’s a mesh pocket inside to house some extra cables, earbuds, Joy-Cons, or even a portable charger. Plus, a cartridge sleeve can hold up to 10 games, letting you bring a large gaming library on the go. Cleverly, that cartridge sleeve doubles as a stand to prop up your Nintendo Switch when playing in a tabletop setup.

Best Compact Case

tomtoc Carrying Case

tomtoc Carrying Case

Don’t sacrifice portability with this case that keeps your device and ten game cartridges safe in a hard EVA shell and cushioned interior while keeping small dimensions.

To keep your Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED protected while on the go without sacrificing portability, grab the tomtoc case. Rather than a large carrying case that’ll fit your console and all its accessories, this one wraps up just the Switch and maintains a snug fit. There’s almost no extra bulk, and it weighs less than half a pound, making it perfect for tossing in your bag, backpack, or even a larger pocket.

You might be concerned that your Switch’s joystick and buttons will have unnecessary pressure placed on them or be accidentally activated. Luckily, tomtoc includes raised sections to accommodate those controls. The case totes a soft exterior layer and interior that helps cushion the blow if dropped, while it’s built around a hard EVA shell and has a water-resistant finish to keep your Switch safe inside. tomtoc tops it off with one extra bit of kit: a 10-slot organizer for game cartridges.

Best Rugged Case

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

A precut foam slot for Switch, and additional slots for accessories, including a Pro Controller, come with this bulky but durable case.

If you plan to take your Switch with you when your travels get a little rough and tumble, you’ll want the Zadii Hard Carrying Case. This rugged case is surprisingly affordable and offers plenty of protection. There’s ample padding and even a precut foam slot to snuggly tuck your console alongside your Switch controllers away, ensuring the console and accessories safe from any potential damage when on the go.

The Zadii Hard Carrying Case holds a lot more, as it has room for pretty much everything that comes in the box with your Nintendo Switch and then some. Beyond the space for your Switch, there are additional foam slots to hold a second set of Joy-Cons with the Joy-Con grip, Joy-Con straps, a Pro Controller, a Nintendo Switch Dock, and a power adapter. The lid of this carrying case also provides a pocket for an HDMI cable and a set of sleeves to hold 21 game cartridges, while a detachable shoulder strap makes carrying the whole thing easier.

Best Nintendo Switch Sling Bag

Timbuk2 x Astro CS03 Crossbody Sling

Timbuk2 x Astro CS03 Crossbody Sling

This crossbody bag has a three-liter capacity and plenty of pockets to keep your Switch and its accessories organized.

Timbuk2 knows bags, and Astro knows gaming, so the two companies joined forces to create the Timbuk2 x Astro CS03 Crossbody Sling for the Nintendo Switch. This sleek bag goes on quickly, takes up little space, doesn’t add much bulk, and provides easy access but solid protection for your gear while on the move.

The CS03 bag has a three-liter capacity giving you room for your Nintendo Switch, a smartphone, a number of accessories and cables, and even 14 game cartridges or SD cards in individual slots. To keep things organized, there’s a front pocket with a magnetic closure for easy access to some of the gear, while the main compartments are protected and secured with weather-resistant zippers. And to further ensure the bag holds up against wear, it uses a combination of 600D polyester and 4mm-thick ripstop nylon.

Best Shoulder Bag

tomtoc Sling Shoulder Travel Bag

tomtoc Sling Shoulder Travel Bag

A bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, W-shaped padding structure, and extra storage to take the Switch and its accessories on the go and keep them safe.

If you want the simplicity of a bag you can sling over your shoulder, then tomtoc Sling Shoulder Travel Bag should do the trick. This bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to fit the bag exactly to your liking. It’s also built to withstand the outside world with a splash-resistant polyester material and high-quality zippers.

Inside the tomtoc Sling Shoulder Travel Bag, you’ll find a soft lining to prevent scratches alongside a removable W-shaped padding structure and a 20-game cartridge holder. The W-shaped design hugs your Switch in place, preventing accidental joystick presses and separating the console from other accessories in the bag. You can even slip a portable charger in and run a charging cable between compartments to charge on the go. An additional pocket at the front of the bag is perfect for smaller items you might need, like earbuds or charging cables.

Best Always-On Protective Case

Mumba Dockable Case

Mumba Dockable Case

Keep this a shock-absorbing, rubberized case on the Switch 24/7 thanks to cutouts for all the ports.

Mumba’s Dockable Case offers full-time protection for your Switch and its controllers, and there’s little to no reason to ever take it off. If you want to use your Joy-Cons separately from the console, you can slip them out effortlessly, as the case doesn’t interfere with any of the controls. Specially placed cutouts ensure you have access to all the essential ports, and it’s even possible to leave it on when docking your Switch, hence the name.

If you’ve got butterfingers, Mumba’s 24/7 protection is what you need. This case wraps your Switch in a shock-absorbing, rubberized material that’s easy to grip and will keep your console safe from bumps, scratches, and drops. And it’s available in multiple colors, so you can choose one that best fits your aesthetic.

Best Charger Case

NEWDERY External Battery Station

NEWDERY External Battery Station

This case has an integrated 10,000mAh battery to keep the Switch topped up without interfering with your gameplay.

​​If you take your Switch everywhere, battery life might be your top concern. The NEWDERY External Battery Station has an integrated 10,000 mAh battery, which can extend gameplay considerably—an extra 1.6 charges or around 8 hours of gameplay. You’re not limited to just juicing up your Switch, as it also works as a portable charger to top up your phone or tablet.

This Nintendo Switch battery case is rocking some handy extras, like a kickstand in the back to use your Switch in tabletop mode, and a slot behind that kickstand is ready to stow two game cartridges. It also offers an 18W PD, ensuring your Switch’s fully drained battery is back to full in under 2 hours. There’s even a smart chipset to help protect your device against overvoltage and short-circuiting, while cutouts and air vents on the case prevent overheating.

Best Play-While-Charging Case

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag

Take your Switch on the go in a durable, spacious case with a 10,000mAh battery that’ll charge up your Switch and other devices.

Bionik’s Power Commuter Travel Bag has a beefy 10,000 mAh battery. But rather than charging directly in the case, like the Yobwin, this option includes an integrated USB-C charging cable to plug in when you stop and play. Of course, that means it’s easy to use this battery to juice up your other devices, and the bag even includes a USB-A connector.

Beyond the battery, the Power Commuter Travel Bag features a durable canvas exterior, and you can wear it across your shoulder or strap it to other luggage. Inside, this bag is padded and plush to keep your Switch safe. It’s also spacious and ready to house a slew of Switch accessories, including slots for game cartridges and Joy-Cons.

Best Nintendo Switch Backpack

Controller Gear Animal Crossing Backpack

Controller Gear Animal Crossing Backpack

A roomy little backpack with an Animal Crossing-themed design full of pockets for the Switch and its accessories.

Who said you had to keep your Nintendo Switch in a little case? The Animal Crossing backpack from Controller Gear offers plenty of room for your Nintendo Switch and won’t set you back too many bells. You can even throw in a few of the best Switch controllers and other accessories since you won’t be limited to stuffing everything into tiny compartments.

Your console can slide into a dedicated sleeve, and there’s even a holder to toss in your dock with its associated cables. Maybe you’re going to get the new Nitro Deck for your Switch so you can take advantage of the deck’s comfortable-to-hold form factor with reliable sticks and remappable buttons. Well, don’t worry, the backpack offers plenty of room for it and much more.

Best Nintendo Switch Sleeve Case

Waterfield Designs Slip Case

Waterfield Designs Slip Case

This lightweight carrying sleeve keeps things simple with water and stain-resistant fabrics and a case-length magnetic strip to keep the Switch secure.

You can keep your Nintendo Switch safe while still being super easy to access by gearing yourself up with a sleeve-style case. Waterfield Designs delivers with its Slip Case for the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. It’s a lightweight carrying sleeve that keeps things simple with a case-length magnetic strip to ensure everything is secure but also lets you slide your console out to be gaming in seconds—no more fussing with zippers.

The Waterfield Designs Slip Case is made with quality materials, as you get water and stain-resistant fabrics, while a bottom grip made of leather makes it easier to pull your Switch out. Inside is a fuzzy lining to stay gentle on the Switch’s screen, and there are two pockets to house a few accessories that are also designed to protect the console’s controls from impact. This sleeve is available in various colors and has optional add-ons, like a game cartridge holder or a carabiner to attach the case to your backpack.

What to Look for in a Nintendo Switch case

There is no shortage of cases for the Nintendo Switch, with dozens showing up on Amazon and a wealth of other options, including boutique-made cases on sites like Etsy. And there are different sorts of cases as well; you can choose from travel cases, protective snap-on cases, charging cases, and more.

If you need something to carry your console around in, a carrying case or travel case is where you want to look. There are a lot of decorative cases that bear images of game characters or logos. That’s fine, but whatever you choose, make sure it can meet the minimum requirements of being a carrying case; it should be padded well enough to protect your investment from routine impacts.

It should also have a way to protect the screen from scratches (usually with a flip-down cover or sleeve) and be able to hold as many game cartridges as you want to carry around. Likewise, consider what you need to carry. Perhaps all you need is the console itself, but if you’re traveling home to see the parents, you might need a case large enough to hold the dock and an HDMI cable.

Some cases step up the game with an integrated battery. It’s probably not worth considering a charging case with less than about 10,000 mAh of power, as that’ll power your Switch through just short of two complete charges. Bonus points if the battery charges quickly, and can also charge other devices in your inventory.

Remember that these are cases you’ll need to cart around in the real world. What, exactly, do you want to be seen wearing or carrying? Some cases look a little goofy or childish, which is fine if you’re a child, and less so if you’re a grownup who takes a Switch to work to game on a lunch break.

Nintendo Switch Case FAQ

Does a Nintendo Switch Need a Case?

Unless you’re playing your Switch exclusively at home–and one free of kids and pets at that—then you will absolutely want a case to ensure the longevity of the device. Although the portable console is relatively durable, when you toss it in a bag or accidentally drop it, you always run the risk of cracking the screen, damaging the joysticks, or breaking other key components, essentially bricking the device or needing to fix it for far more than the cost of a case.

Beyond protection, cases also add convenience, as many come with extra storage for game cartridges and accessories and straps for easy carrying. You’ll even find options that serve as grips to make gameplay more enjoyable or cases offering integrated batteries, ensuring you’re never without juice during crucial moments in the action.

Do New Nintendo Switches Come With a Case?

Unfortunately, none of the Nintendo Switch models come with a case. In some instances, there may be a bundle deal that includes a case, but for the most part, you’ll have to seek out a case on your own. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help in the search.

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