April Fools 2024: All of This Year’s Best Video Game Jokes
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April Fools 2024: All of This Year’s Best Video Game Jokes

April Fools’ Day has arrived once more and has brought with it some hilarious video game jokes and pranks, some of which we wish actually came true!

There are SO many that get revealed by companies around the world and it can be hard to keep track of them, so you can check out all the best ones below to ensure you don’t miss a thing! We’ll also be updating this article throughout the day as more are found, so be sure to keep checking back!

Let us know which prank is your favorite below!

Exclusive: Virtual Boy Pro Revealed! All the Details on Nintendo’s Wildest System Yet

To kick off the April Fools’ Day festivities, IGN was proud to exclusively reveal the Virtual Boy Pro! In what may be Nintendo’s wildest system yet, the Virtual Boy Pro is a VR-headset style device that docks into the Nintendo Switch System.

Much like the Apple Vision Pro, it looks to be focused mostly on augmented reality experiences with a Nintendo twist. In the trailer you can see above, you can catch a glimpse of gameplay from Link’s Korok Catcher, Super Mario Home Run, Animal Crossing: Moving Day, Luigi’s Mansion 4, and Mario Kart: Open Road.

Pokemon Is Holding an Epic Pokemon Sleep Tournament to End all Tournaments

Pokemon tournaments can be some of the most epic in all the world, but you’ve never seen anything like the Pokemon Sleep Champion Tournament 2024. Players from around the globe will compete in an eight hour and 30 minute tournament to prove they can sleep better than anyone else.

The Razer Cthulhu Is a Gaming Chair with 8 A.I. Arms Ready to Do Your Bidding

If you ever wished you were Doc Ock, Razer has the next best thing with its new gaming chair called the Razer Cthulhu. This chair features 8 A.I. arms that “cater to your every need,” including feeding you, brushing your teeth, shaving, and much more to ensure your can put all your focus into gaming.

In fact, the announce trailer takes a bit of a dark turn as the chair may never let you leave your gaming session, which may be ok for some people?

The best part? The A.I. arms are ” outfitted with a Razer Skynapse Chip and trained with over 1,337 TB. We can assure a 96.9%* chance of the tentacles always listening to you!” That sounds nothing like Skynet, no not at all!

Palworld’s More Than Just Pals Is the Dating Sim You’ve Been Waiting For

Palworld’s big new update will be a dating sim where you’ll be able to fall in love with some adorable Pals, a student named Zoe, and even the black marketeer! And no, this isn’t creepy at all!

“Will you remain friends or fall in love? Or dismantle and eat them… Pals take off their clothes?! An adult version will also be released!”

Like we said, not creepy at all!

Capcom Is Getting Into the Helicopter Business After All Their Successes in the Resident Evil Series

Capcom has revealed it is taking a bold step forward into the helicopter business. Which, you know, makes a lot of sense after all the… um… successes it has had with helicopters in the Resident Evil series! There’s no chance any of these will go down in a spectacular, explosive fashion!


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