Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event – All Cosmetics, Free Rewards, & Octane Heirloom Set Items
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Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event – All Cosmetics, Free Rewards, & Octane Heirloom Set Items

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Apex Legends‘ Inner Beast Collection Event is now live, and has introduced a set of eye-catching new cosmetics to go along with the game’s new hunting-themed limited-time mode. Players who collect all 24 premium event cosmetics will automatically unlock Octane’s new Heirloom Weapon–the Octane’s Prototype butterfly knife–free of charge.

But the new event still has plenty to offer for players who aren’t looking to spend real-life cash, with a free reward track full of unlockable cosmetics and other loot available for all players to access during the event. Keep reading for a look at each item included in the event, and instructions on how to obtain Octane’s new Heirloom Weapon without breaking the bank.

When it comes to free loot, players are likely to be pleased with Inner Beast’s offerings, which include character cosmetics, in-game currency, and more. Players can earn these items by collecting Event Points (EP), which are earned by completing challenges from the “Event Challenges” tab located on the upper-right side of the main lobby screen. All items included in the Inner Beast Collection Event’s free reward track–and the amount of EP needed to unlock them–are listed below:

  • 250 EP: Inner Beast universal banner badge
  • 500 EP: 10 battle pass stars
  • 750 EP: New And Improved universal holospray (Epic)
  • 1,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 1,250 EP: Pocket Knife weapon charm (Epic)
  • 1,500 EP: Fear Ness universal holospray (Epic)
  • 2,000 EP: Bull Power weapon charm (Epic)
  • 2,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 3,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 3,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 4,000 EP: Beast Hunter Bocek weapon skin (Epic)
  • 5,000 EP: Baleful Bat Vantage Legend skin (Epic)

In addition to all the free cosmetic items, players who complete the reward track will also earn a total of 50 Crafting Metals and 16 battle pass stars, which will instantly boost their Breakout battle pass by a little over one-and-a-half levels. On top of that, the event’s free cosmetics all match the color scheme of the premium Collection Event cosmetics, so players who don’t normally bother with free reward track cosmetics might want to rethink their stance if they’re a fan of Vantage.

As for premium cosmetics, the 24 cosmetic items making up the Inner Beast Collection can be obtained either by purchasing them directly with Apex Coins (AC), crafting them with Crafting Metals, or opening Inner Beast Event Packs. Event Packs are special Apex Packs that cost 700 AC ($7 USD) and will unlock one random item from the Inner Beast Collection (along with two items from the evergreen loot pool).

All items included in the Inner Beast Collection are listed below, along with their prices.

Epic-tier items (available for 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals):

  • Charming Chameleon Mirage Legend skin
  • Roaring Rhino Newcastle Legend skin
  • Devastating Dragon Valkyrie Legend skin
  • Hive Hunter Nemesis weapon skin
  • Cobra Strike Peacekeeper weapon skin
  • Poison Strike Triple Take weapon skin
  • Steel Wyrm Bloodhound banner frame
  • Robo Sapien Caustic banner frame
  • Mechanic’s Den Rampart banner frame
  • Power Panther Octane banner frame
  • Charging Bull Gibraltar banner frame
  • Snowy Solitude Loba banner frame

Legendary-tier items (available for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals):

  • Prowler Guardian Bloodhound Legend skin
  • Big Bad Wolf Loba Legend skin
  • The Bull Gibraltar Legend skin
  • Wild Fox Rampart Legend skin
  • Mad Panther Octane Legend skin
  • Primal Rage Caustic Legend skin
  • Mawful CAR SMG weapon skin
  • Steel Talon Sentinel weapon skin
  • Ferocious Bite Spitfire weapon skin
  • Sly Shot Wingman weapon skin
  • The Horns Prowler weapon skin
  • Howling Wind R-301 weapon skin

Players who collect all 24 Inner Beast Collection cosmetics will also earn Octane’s new Octane’s Prototype Heirloom Set, which includes the following Mythic-tier items:

  • Octane’s Prototype Heirloom Weapon
  • Fabricator Octane banner frame
  • Over Stimulated Octane finisher

The cheapest way to unlock Octane’s new butterfly knife is to use Crafting Metals to craft as many of the event’s Epic-tier items as possible, then obtain the remaining cosmetics by purchasing and opening Inner Beast Event Packs for 700 AC ($7 USD) each. This will ensure you obtain the Octane’s Prototype Heirloom Set for 16,800 AC ($168 USD) or less, depending on how many items you’re able to craft before purchasing the rest.

Keep scrolling for an up-close look at every cosmetic included in both the free reward track and the premium cosmetic collection, along with some bundles that will be available via the in-game store while the event is live. The Inner Beast Collection Event ends on Tuesday, March 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, so be sure to hunt down your favorite cosmetics before your prey escapes into the wild, and stay tuned for more Apex Legends news as Season 20: Breakout continues.

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