Alone In The Dark: Release Date, Hollywood Cast, And Everything Else We Know
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Alone In The Dark: Release Date, Hollywood Cast, And Everything Else We Know

Alone in the Dark is soon to be the latest in a long line of recent horror remakes in the video game world, and that figurative traincar has given fans of the genre some modern classics as of late. That means Alone in the Dark has a streak to uphold. Whether you just want to know the game’s release date or you’re looking to learn a lot more about this upcoming survival-horror project starring some familiar faces, here’s everything we know about 2024’s Alone in the Dark.

Release date

Alone in the Dark was previously due out just before Halloween 2023, but the team needed a bit more time (and breathing room from a stacked October), so it’s now coming out on March 20. With only weeks to go, that should mean we’ve seen our final delay and this is the launch date that’ll stick.


Alone in the Dark is due out on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. We’re hitting the point in the console cycle where the last-gen machines are getting left behind a lot more, so you’ll need to have a gaming PC or a current-gen Xbox or PlayStation to see what fears await in these particular shadows.

Who’s making it?

Alone in the Dark’s 2024 remake is being helmed by Pieces Interactive, a Swedish studio that’s previously worked on series like Titan Quest and Magicka. This is the team’s highest-profile project to date and comes from publisher THQ Nordic, a company that has been keen to revive dormant franchises, with recent efforts coming in series such as Desperados, Destroy All Humans, and even SpongeBob.

What is Alone in the Dark?

This is a survival-horror game much older than other recent remakes such as Dead Space and Resident Evil 4. The original Alone in the Dark launched in 1992 as a pixelated 2D horror-adventure game. That puts it ahead of games like the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil, which would revolutionize the genre and define it for decades to come. However, it also falls three years after Sweet Home, the video game often credited with creating the survival-horror genre.

In this modern remake set at the (surprise!) haunted Derceto Manor, Emily Hartwood and private investigator Edward Carnby join up to investigate the disappearance of Emily’s uncle, Jeremy, a resident of the manor, which serves as a home for the “mentally fatigued.” The game has cast familiar faces in the leading roles, with Free Guy’s Jodie Comer lending her voice and likeness to Hartwood, and Stranger Things’ David Harbour playing the gumshoe.

You'll spot a few familiar faces in Alone in the Dark.
You’ll spot a few familiar faces in Alone in the Dark.

An earlier remake of the original 1992 game was previously in development from Eden Games, who created the 2008 reboot of the same name, but the studio closed in 2013. The IP was sold by Atari to THQ Nordic in 2018 and by 2019 this upcoming remake was in production. It was revealed during a digital presentation by the publisher in May of 2023.

Both the game’s story and its gameplay make plenty of room for modernization, as the narrative is less a direct retelling of the original game and more of an amalgamation that uses elements of the first three games in the series–plus new story beats too. It’ll be played akin to a survival-horror game modern players are used to, with resource management being a major factor, puzzles to solve, and an over-the-shoulder perspective from which it’s all presented.


We’ve seen a great deal of trailers for Alone in the Dark already. This began with the reveal trailer in the summer of last year, in which we got our first glimpse of the Hollywood cast taking center stage in the video game.

Later, we learned of a creepy entity known as The Dark Man via a new trailer that teased ancient evils.

We also got character-specific trailers for both Emily and Edward, both of which predated the newest trailer, as of January 2024, that dives deeper into the game’s central mystery, its haunted manor.


Alone in the Dark is available for preorder either digitally or physically, including a preorder price reduction that will save you a few bucks, among other bonuses. We’ve already got a complete Alone in the Dark preorder guide ready to walk you through all of your options.

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