5 game-changing items on sale that make great gifts for yourself
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5 game-changing items on sale that make great gifts for yourself

A quick look at our favorite on-sale gifts for yourself

Best New Year’s resolution deal


save 40% on an annual subscription

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Pink and blue holographic eye mask massager

Turquoise and gold Dyson cordless vacuum with green laser coming out of cleaning head

It never fails: There’s always something you’re still left wanting after the holiday season. That doesn’t mean that your loved ones didn’t do a good job, and it doesn’t automatically put you in the unappreciative box, either. But buying a little (or big) gift for yourself after the holidays is totally acceptable in our book — especially while it’s still getting the post-holiday sale treatment.

Whether you need an early birthday gift to yourself, ideas for spending the default gift money given to you by a relative, or have been waiting for a sale to make the move on a specific big-ticket item, the limbo period before the new year is a wise time to shop. We’ve pulled our favorite gift-able (to yourself) items on sale below, and will be updating the list throughout the week as we come across more deals you’ll love.


Is there an interest or potential hobby-turned-side hustle that you’d like to lean into more this year? A MasterClass would be such a smart gift to yourself, and subscribing to one now can secure an entire year for 40% off. You can expand your cooking menu, polish your public speaking ahead of the work events you’re dreading in 2024, or get a creative skill Etsy-ready through virtual classes with celebrities (like Kris Jenner, Gordon Ramsay, or Lewis Hamilton) who are known for that area of expertise.

Depending on whether you get the individual, duo, or family subscription, you’ll be paying $6 at the least and $12 at the most per month for a year after the discount.

Bluetooth trackers

The gift of never being late due to misplacing your keys might actually be the most thoughtful thing you could give yourself. Several different Bluetooth trackers from Tile are still on sale, all for cheaper than what a single AirTag or respective pack of AirTags cost. From your phone, you can ring an item attached to a Tile Pro up to 400 feet away, or if it’s further than that, use the app to track the last place that item was seen. Prefer to spend less than $20? Grab a single Tile Mate for yourself for $17.99 compared to $23.99 for an AirTag.

Heated eye massager

Heated eye massagers are game changers, providing relief for a myriad of ailments from recurring headaches, eye strain, and trouble winding down before bed. If you’re a TikTok regular, we’re probably not the first ones to tell you about the Renpho Eyeris 1. This VR headset-esque mask warms and kneads the tense parts around your eyes and forehead while doubling as headphones for whatever music or 10-hour nature sounds playlist you’d like to stream from your phone. It was already pretty affordable at full price but is now 46% off through a direct discount at Amazon.

Mashable Deals

Beats Studio Pro

One of the nicest (and arguably the chicest) pair of Beats, the Studio Pro, is just $10 away from its lowest price ever at Amazon. These over-ear alternatives to the AirPods Max (which are also on sale… for $300 more) seal out distracting outside noise with impeccable active noise cancellation, solid sound quality, and comfy, squishy ear pads. Mashable’s Alex Perry says that it’s hard to find a pair of over-ear headphones with a better all-around experience than these.

A Dyson vacuum

Unless they specifically asked for one, buying someone else a vacuum can unintentionally translate to “I’m begging you to clean more.” So if you still don’t have the Dyson you’ve been wanting after your holiday haul, just gift it to yourself. Instead of opting for the absolute cheapest Dyson you can find, we’re suggesting the $499.99 Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. This is one of Dyson’s most powerful, largest-capacity vacuums for less than $500 — and yes, it has the game-changing, dust-illuminating laser.

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