23 Apr, 2024

Tesla’s in trouble. Is Elon Musk the problem?

Pop quiz, Tesla fans. Who at the EV automaker made this memorable assessment of the company’s latest product: “we have dug our own grave with the Cybertruck”? Was it some cowardly VP who doesn’t believe in Dear Leader’s glorious vision? Perhaps Drew Baglino or Rohan Patel, two top execs who joined the ten percent of […]

9 mins read

Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event – Cosmetics, Free Rewards, And Octane’s Prestige Skin Set

GameSpot may receive revenue from affiliate and advertising partnerships for sharing this content and from purchases through links. Apex Legends‘ Urban Assault Collection Event is here, introducing a new collection of 24 urban streetwear-inspired premium cosmetics to the game. Players who collect all 24 Urban Assault cosmetic items will also gain access to a Mythic-tier […]

5 mins read

Wattpad has a community problem, so it’s killing DMs

Community publishing platform Wattpad is removing the ability for users to send each other direct messages, claiming that the feature has “only been relevant to a small percentage” of its global user base. Users will retain access to their DMs until May 6th, after which all existing messages will be deleted and the feature will […]

4 mins read

Hades 2 Is Already An Exciting Sequel With Confident Changes

Supergiant Games has never made a sequel. Instead, it’s a studio that has consistently iterated and innovated with each subsequent game, arguably culminating in the team’s greatest work to date: Hades. The engrossing roguelite dazzled with tight and engaging combat, an iconic visual presentation, and novel take on a persistent narrative that interweaves the progression […]

11 mins read
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